So, every week you go to training midweek, your heart races, you enjoy the thrill of the score, the joy of a 3 pointer, the dread of a missed layup, you promise yourself to work harder.

At the weekend, you proudly get kitted in the orange and black, you warm up, play the game, love every minute, the encouragement of the coaches, the cheer of the spectators, the conflict of the refs whistle.

And, on a Saturday evening, its down to the IWA for more… to really get engaged with the highest level of basketball, the speed, the dunks, the moves. All while socialising with your team mates or the families who are also members of your club.
Do you want more? Of course you do… get more involved in your club. Come to fundraising events, attend more superleague games, support the underage tournaments, be in the “Sea of Orange” at cup weekend in January. Give some time to your club to make it even better.

Help is always needed. Contact any of the club committee members or  to let us know how you would like to give some time, energy or expertise to your club.