KBC has an executive committee, comprised of 11 members who work on the logistics of managing 4 gyms, up to 30 teams and the hundreds of matches which need to be scheduled and played over a season. Sub committees include : Fundraising, Development, Transfer, Finance and Super League.  If any players or parents would like to join any of the sub committees and lend their expertise or a hand they would be very welcome.

Each team has a coach whose role is to focus on skill enhancement and to get each team playing to the best of their ability every season.

Each team also has a manager, whose role it is to schedule matches, ensure players are registered and generally look after the team. The role is varied and supports the coach and team, maximising the team’s ability to focus on their basketball, and enjoy their time as a member of Killester Basketball Club.

Coaches and managers liaise with the executive committee to keep the ball rolling throughout the season. The AGM is held every May, at the end of the basketball season,  where the year is summarised and plans are made for the year ahead.