Singleton Supervalu Brunell vs Pyrobel Killester

National Cup Final

2020: The year of Women’s Sport. It’s a campaign that is very close to our hearts here in Killester Basketball Club. We have 13 girls and women’s teams in our Club, with the Pyrobel Killester Women’s Super League spearheading them all, providing a source of pride and inspiration for all the teams and players.

And what better way to start the year off than by winning the Paudie O’Connor National Cup? It’s been a long wait – the last time our Ladies brought the National Cup home, in 2005, some of our current team were toddlers.

But if we’ve seen anything this year, it’s been that this team have grit and determination throughout, and just a fantastic attitude to the game and each other that is clear to anyone watching.

The Orange Army was out in force to support. There were tigers, drums, noise makers, face paint – there was dancing in the aisles!

Whatever happened, our Club were behind our girls, and we were all so proud of the fight they’d put up to get to this point.

The first quarter got off to a strong start, with Christa Reed making her presence felt and Rebecca Nagle showing her three point shooting prowess, leaving the Killadies up 14-24 by the end of the 10 minutes

Brunell, though, weren’t giving up. Let’s not forget both these teams had beaten the favourites to get here, and neither was taking the occasion lightly. As their supporters beat their bodhráns, the Nellies went on a scoring run that resulted in Killester getting into foul trouble & the lead changing hands just before the halftime buzzer, seeing them up one 38-37.

The Killester faithful knew, however, that our girls had plenty left in the tank. Ash McCann and Adella Randle El ensured that they got the scoreline going back their way, and Ella McCloskey’s drives combined well with Leah Rutherford’s rebounding and Mimi Clarke’s sharp shooting, pushing the Killadies back up to 44-60 as the quarter drew to a thrilling close. 

Despite some fantastic offence from Brunell, the Pyrobel Killester Women stayed well in control throughout the fourth quarter. Their lead stayed solid, and the atmosphere was furthered by the introduction of players Jenna Howe, Ciara Curran, Sinéad Boyle, Robyn Malone and Milicia Stankovic to the court, showing that this victory was truly a full team effort.

The game finished with Killester winning 59-82, and needless to say – the crowd went wild!

And an extra special shout out to MVP, Christa Reed for her 23 points 

Check out some of the game’s highlights below:

Congratulations Ladies! The whole Club is incredibly proud!

Final Score:

Singleton’s Supervalu Brunell 59-82 Pyrobel Killester

MVP Christa Reed with 23 points

The fantastic photographs below are courtesy of Michelle La Grue photography and Martin Doherty Sports Photography. They capture the amazing atmosphere of the incredible day!