Congratulations to Brunell Ladies BC, the winners of the this year’s Laura Brennan Memorial Tournament!

And huge thanks as always to all the teams who came along and provided us with a great competition, as well as all the volunteers who worked so hard to make it all happen. Check out the gallery for just some of the images from the weekend.


Killester Basketball Club is honoured to host the 10th Annual Laura Brennan Memorial Tournament in St. Fintan’s, Sutton on the weekend of September 13th-15th, with the Killester U18 Girls representing our Club along with 7 others from around the country.

The schedule of the games is below. Come down and watch some great basketball, and support our Killadies!


Laura Brennan Memorial Tournament 2019

Group A Group B
Killester DCU Mercy
Malahide Liffey Celtics
Waterford Wildcats Blaze
Brunell Portlaoise Panthers
Friday: 13th Sept Home Team Away Team
19:00       A Killester Vs Malahide
20:00       B Dcu Mercy Vs Liffey Celtics
Saturday: 14th Sept Home Team Away Team
09:00       A Malahide Vs Waterford Wildcats
10:00       B Liffey Celtics Vs Blaze
11:00       A Brunell Vs Killester
12:00       B Portlaois Panthers Vs DCU Mercy
13:00       A Waterford Wildcats Vs Killester
14:00       B DCU Mercy Vs Blaze
15:00       A Malahide Vs Brunell
16:00       B Liffey Celtics Vs Portlaois Panthers
17:00       A Brunell Vs Waterford Wildcats
18:00       B Portlaois Panthers Vs Blaze
Sunday: 15th Sept
10:00 Winner Pool A Vs Runner Up Pool B
11:00 Winner Pool B Vs Runner Up

Laura Brennan Memorial Tournament Schedule pdf