I just wanted to send an email in regards to a Safeguard 3 course that we have scheduled for next Thursday the 17th of November. It will be from 6.30pm to 9.30pm in St. Catherine’s Sports Centre, Marrowbone Lane, Dublin 8 and will be €10 per person. You must have completed your Safeguard 1 course to do the Safeguard 3. If this is something that you would be interested in doing, please let me know and I will put you down on the list for the course.

I have included some details for you on the courses to try and make it a bit clearer as to what they are.

The Irish Sports Council has recently changed the structure of Child Welfare & Protection (Code of Ethics) workshops for Clubs. Each workshop will be 3 hours duration and there will be three workshops as follows:

Safeguarding 1 – Basic Awareness Workshop in Child welfare and protection (3hrs)
Safeguarding 2 – Club Children’s Officer Workshop (3hrs)
Safeguarding 3 – Designated Liaison Person Workshop (3hrs)

Please find attached an outline of the three Code of Ethics workshops.

Please note:
– Everyone working in a sports club with young people should complete Safeguarding 1.
– Safeguarding 1 must also be completed before participating in Safeguarding 2 or 3.
– Safeguarding 3 may be completed without completing Safeguarding 2. Those wishing to become CCOs should complete Safeguarding 1 & 2 and those wishing to be the Designated person in a club should complete 1 & 3.
– If the person is acting as both CCO and DP, they should complete 1, 2 & 3.

Thank you.

Emmet Flinter
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The Irish Sports Council has recently changed the structure of Child Welfare & Protection (Code of Ethics) workshops for Clubs. The details of the three stages of training are outlined here as follows:

1. Safeguarding 1 – Child Welfare & Protection Basic Awareness Course

All Coaches, Children’s Officers and Designated Liaison Persons (DLP) must first complete the 3 hour Child Welfare & Protection Basic Awareness Course. This course educates participants on the implementation of best practice in protecting the welfare of children involved in sport.

2. Safeguarding 2 – Club Children’s Officer (C.C.O)

A person appointed to the Club Children’s Officer position in a club must have completed safeguarding 1 (Child Welfare & Protection Basic Awareness workshop) and should complete the NEW Club Children’s Officer 3 hour workshop. This course will help the Club Children’s Officer to carry out the function of their role in the club and support the implementation of best practice in the club. Participants will also receive a Club Children’s Officer Action Planning document as part of the training.

3. Safeguarding 3 – Designated Liaison Person(DLP)

A person appointed to the Designated Liaison Person position in a club must have completed the Child Welfare & Protection Basic Awareness Course and should complete the NEW Designated Liaison Person 3 hour workshop. A club may appoint the same person to both the CCO and DLP positions however best practice advises that they are kept as separate roles.

The third part of the ISC Child Welfare & Protection Training Programme is the Designated Liaison Person workshop. This workshop is currently under review and will be available to clubs in the Spring /Summer of 2015.

Club Children’s Officers

Club Children’s Officers should be child centred in focus and have as the primary aim the establishment of a child centred ethos within the club. S/he is the link between the children and the adults in the club. S/he also takes responsibility for monitoring and reporting to the Club Management Committee on how club policy impacts on young people and Sports Leaders

Designated Liaison Person

Every club/organisation should designate a person to be responsible for dealing with any concerns about the protection of children. The Designated Liaison Person is responsible for reporting allegations or suspicions of child abuse to TULSA Child and Family Agency or Social Services (NI) and/or An Garda Siochán / PSNI. It is recommended that this person is a senior club person. However, if there is difficulty identifying a separate individual to take this role, the Club Children’s Officer can be appointed as Designated Liaison Person once the club/organisation is clear about the responsibilities of each role. The organisation’s child protection policy and procedures should include the name and contact details of the Designated Liaison Person and the responsibilities attached to the role.

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